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Only in Massachusetts completely unique MOBILE SAUNA - all the enjoyment of Sauna brought directly to you. Experience the pleasure and wellness enhancing benefits conveniently available at the location of your choice: Home, Office, anywhere at all with Mobile Sauna.

Sauna has been a part of Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, American, Australian, and Nordic countries cultures for centuries. Here at Mobile Sauna, we practice Nontraditional Medicine including Home Remedies, Alternative Treatments, Holistic Medicine, Massage and Platza Therapy, Herbal Recipes.

Also Mobile Sauna offers a wide selection of quality Sauna and Steam Room accessories to enhance your relaxation and optimize your experience for your Residential or Commercial Sauna including: Hats, Mittens, Sitting Mats, Buckets and Ladles, Body Scrubbers and Massagers, Sauna Whisks and Brooms (Birch, Oak, Eucalyptus), Timers and Thermometers, Infrared Cabins and Custom Build Saunas, and much more.

Welcome to Banya - Russian Steam Bath & Spa. 

Banya provides the ultimate experience of relaxation and tranquility of mind and body. Saunas offer many crucial benefits to the human body. They burn calories and increase metabolism which are important in promoting weight loss. The bottom number in blood pressure (diastolic number) often decreases. Blood vessels are opened, thus, increasing circulation. Furthermore, Saunas kill viruses, strengthen the immune system, and promotes relaxation of the body. Imagine reaping all of these benefits while undergoing such a pleasurable experience.

Upon entering our steam room, you are embarking on a therapeutic journey. We are pleased to offer Russian, Finnish, and Turkish steam rooms. All the pores in your body will be opened, allowing the toxins to be removed from your body. Indulge yourself in our steam bath and steam saunas. We offer a dry sauna and a dry heat sauna, which are lower in humidity and have higher temperatures than a wet sauna, such as the Finnish sauna, for example. On the other hand, the Russian sauna is drier. It is a matter of preference; both are terrific and should be given a try! We also provide the Turkish sauna if you choose this option.

How about a wonderful massage? Massages will not only sooth your muscles, but your mind as well. A relaxing massage is $40 per half hour, $80 per hour. Our branches treatment 2 times, 10 minutes each, costs $25. Besides from increased circulation, massages can lessen depression and anxiety.

We also have TV, DVD, and karaoke. Here at Banya, we provide everything you need to have a great time! Every Monday and Tuesday our entire facility is available to rent for your private party. The cost is $100 per hour. In addition, we offer specials every week.

Banya-Russian Steam Bath & Spa is located in Needham, MA. We serve Cambridge, Boston, Brookline, Watertown, Newton, Sharon, Malden, Waltham and many more North and South of Boston.

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